With cross-document linking, you can view and navigate to other documents within a binder using embedded relative path links in PDF documents. Vault opens supported links in a mini-browser review window, the contents of which refresh every time you click on a new link.

You must create relative path embedded links and bookmarks in the source documents before uploading them to your binder. This is typically done by following these steps:

  1. Replicate your binder’s structure on your local file system with a main folder representing the binder name and sub-folders representing binder sections.
  2. Ensure that the documents are in the same hierarchical structure in both your local file system and your binder.
  3. Create the relative path links in the documents using a PDF editor.
  4. Upload the files to your binder. Users with appropriate access can now navigate to target documents in the same binder using the embedded links that you created in the source documents.

If the target document does not exist in the defined location within the binder structure, Vault displays a “Document Not Found” message.


  • Cross-document links are not navigable when accessed outside of the binder.
  • Cross-document links do not automatically update if you change the structure of your binder. If you modify your binder’s structure, you must also update the links to point to the new relative path destinations.
  • Cross-document links must point to unique section names. If there are multiple target destinations with the same name, Vault may not navigate to the correct section or document.
  • If a cross-document link points to an invalid bookmark within a document, Vault navigates to the top of the document.
  • Vault does not support navigation to nested binders within binders.
  • Links that point to section names that exceed 200 characters will fail.
  • Vault does not support Copy Link on cross-document bookmarks.

The ability to edit binders requires the Edit Document permission on the binder. To add documents to a binder, you must also have View Document permission on those documents.