Document fields are metadata fields attached to all content in your Vault. In addition to holding important information, these document fields support many of Vault’s features. For example, filters and searches use field values to help you locate content.

Permissions for Editing Fields

Only users with the Edit Fields permission will be able to modify field values for a document or binder. If you have this permission, you will see the Edit button in the fields panel of the Doc Info page.

Some auto-populated fields are not editable. See About Auto-Populated Document Fields.

How to Edit Field Values

To edit field values for a document or binder:

  1. Click Edit Fields to put the fields panel in an editable state.
  2. Change fields as necessary.
  3. Click Save when you’ve finished modifying field values.

How to Create and Relate Object Records

If your document type has any object-type document fields, you can create a new reference record from the field without leaving the Doc Info page. To create a new reference record, you must have the Create permission for that object.

Required Fields

When you first enter editing mode, Vault automatically expands sections that contain required fields. These fields also show an asterisk and a yellow background.

If you’ve forgotten to populate any required fields, Vault prevents you from saving your changes.

Field Types

Vault has various types of fields. The field type determines what kind of data the field can hold. You can find a list of field types and descriptions in Document Field Administration.

Editing Fields via Workflows

There are a few ways to update document fields through a workflow:

  • The workflow includes a date control on either the start dialog or a workflow task. When you enter this value in one of the workflow dialogs, it updates a document field.
  • The workflow includes a state change and the new state has entry criteria or entry actions. See below.
  • The workflow includes an Update Document Field step, which updates one or more document fields based on values configured in the workflow. Learn more about configuring workflow steps.

Editing Fields via State Changes

Vault can automatically update document fields or prompt you to update them when a state change occurs, for example, from In Review to Approved. There are two ways that this can happen:

  • The new state includes entry actions which automatically change the value for certain fields. For example, the Expiration Date field could update to the current date when the document status changes to Expired or the Planned Date of First Use field could update to blank when the document moves to Draft.
  • The new state includes entry criteria which require that certain fields are populated. In this situation, Vault prompts you to update document fields before changing the document state. If a workflow task precedes the state change, Vault displays the document fields within the task completion dialog and the task owner must have the Edit Fields permission to complete the task.

URL Fields

URL fields accept a web address like These fields cannot accept web addresses with local hostnames like sva00463.