From your user profile, you can update profile information like your title or phone number and change your password.

Admins control whether you can view or edit information in your user profile, as well as options such as service availability notifications and Veeva Support access.

The information and options displayed in your user profile may differ from those described in this article, as determined by an Admin.

How to Change Your Password

If you use Single Sign-on to access Vault, you cannot change your password through Vault. If you need to change your Single Sign-on password, you can do so through your company’s identity provider.

Vault locks user accounts after five (5) consecutive unsuccessful login attempts. User accounts remain locked out until either the user or an Admin requests a password reset.

To change your password:

  1. From the user profile, click Change Password.
  2. Enter your current password and your new password.
  3. Click Confirm. Your password is immediately updated.

How to Reset Your Forgotten Password or Retrieve User Name

To reset a password or retrieve a User Name that you’ve forgotten:

  1. From the login page, click Having trouble logging in?.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your Vault account and click Continue. Vault emails you instructions for retrieving your user names and resetting passwords.
  3. Optional: If you only need to reset a password, click Forgot password? and enter the User Name (for example, associated with your Veeva Vault account. Vault emails you instructions for resetting your password. The password-reset link expires after 24 hours. If this occurs, you’ll need to restart these steps, which invalidates the previously sent links.

How to Update Profile Information

If your Vault allows users to update their own contact information, an Edit button appears in your user profile. To update your details:

  1. From the user profile, click Edit.
  2. Enter new values for any field that needs an update. Vault uses the email address listed here for all notifications.
  3. Click Save.

How to Update Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is visible to other users and appears in various places across all Vaults to which you have access.

Uploaded profile pictures must be JPG, PNG, or GIF files, and less than 10MB in size. Vault automatically resizes images to 64 x 64 pixels, and removes the animations for animated GIFs. Images of approximately square aspect ratio will work best as profile pictures.

If access multiple Vault and have different pictures set, Vault selects a single profile picture for all Vaults.

  1. From the user profile, click the upload button on the current image.
  2. In the dialog, click Choose and select a picture from your computer. You can remove your profile picture by selecting Use default image.
  3. Click OK.

About Notification & Email Preferences

Veeva periodically sends emails with product announcements and system availability information.

For Gmail users, a large number of incoming emails may lead to a delay in email delivery due to receiving limits.

Product Announcements

You can choose to receive or disable product announcement email notifications using the Product Announcement Emails checkbox in your user profile.

System Availability Notifications

To receive email notifications from Veeva about planned system maintenance, service disruptions, and other system availability information, select the Service Availability Notifications checkbox.

Favorite Document Notifications

You can choose which kind of updates trigger favorite document notifications. These notifications are delivered via email and within Vault.

About Mobile App Registrations

Mobile App Registrations allow Vault to send push notifications to a device with a Vault mobile application. Vault mobile applications allow you to register a mobile device with Vault, and Vault displays those registrations in the Mobile App Registrations section of your user profile. You can disable, enable, or remove a registration by clicking its Actions menu:

Enable Registration
When a registration is Enabled, Vault can send push notifications to the indicated Vault mobile application and device.
Disable Registration
Once disabled, Vault will not send push notifications to the indicated Vault mobile application and device.
Remove From All Vaults
Deletes the registration for the indicated Vault mobile application and device from all vaults to which it is currently registered.

About Search Preferences

In Vaults with multilingual document handling enabled, you can use Search Preferences to modify what document languages appear in your document searches. Your search terms will only search across text in fields on documents in the languages you choose. For example, if your Document Search Languages are set to English and French, your searches will not match German documents.

To modify your Document Search Languages, click Edit on your user profile page. Then, add or remove languages in the Document Search Languages field. You can select up to ten (10) total languages. You cannot remove your Vault or User Profile language from the list.

About Timezone, Language, and Locale Settings

You can set your preferred time zone, language, and locale. To change this information, click Edit on your user profile page and select an option from one of the picklists in your language and region settings.

About Veeva Support Access (PromoMats Only)

When you need assistance from Veeva Support, it can be useful for them to see your PromoMats Vault from your perspective.

To grant access to your PromoMats Vault, select an access duration and click Grant Access. If you need to withdraw access or change the access duration, you can do so by clicking Revoke Access or Change Expiration at any time.

About the Alias Field

When selecting users for document sharing and other actions in Vault, it’s useful to have additional information about the user, particularly in large organizations where multiple users have the same name. To help users select the correct person, you can use the Alias field to provide additional information that appears next to your name in all places where user selection occurs. Use this field to enter whatever identifying information will be helpful, for example, your department, title, or office location.

Delegate Access

Delegated access provides a secure process for you to designate another user to handle Vault responsibilities on your behalf, on either a temporary or ongoing basis. Delegation is Vault-specific. For example, if you add the user Gladys as a delegate in a Vault, she does not have access to any other Vault unless you also add her as a delegate in that Vault. An Admin must enable this functionality.

The following permissions control the ability to view and edit information in your user profile:

Security Profile

Application: User: View User Profile
Controls ability to view your user profile and see the User Profile option in your user dropdown menu.