Most of the interaction that you have with a document happens on the latest major or minor version. However, limited actions are available for previous versions of documents. To access previous versions of a document, click Version History in the document’s Actions menu, or expand the Version History section in the fields panel of the document’s Doc Info page. Click on a version to access it.

Available Actions

From the Actions menu on a previous version, you can:

  • Send as Link
  • Edit Sharing Settings
  • Export Annotations
  • Import Document Links
  • Make a Copy
  • Delete

From the Doc Info fields panel on a previous version, you can:

  • Edit metadata
  • Add related documents
  • Add Renditions
  • Edit Sharing Settings

You can also create annotations on previous versions. However, when creating link annotations, you can only link to the latest document version.

Note that available actions depend on your document role.

Unavailable Actions

The following actions are not available on previous versions:

  • Start and participate in workflows
  • Check Out
  • Check In
  • Upload New Version
  • Create Draft
  • Re-render Document
  • Reclassify
  • Manage PDF Rendition Settings