You can choose to receive notifications when specific updates occur on your favorite documents. When you collaborate with a large team in Vault, it can be difficult to stay informed of changes to documents. By choosing to receive notifications when updates occur on your favorite documents, you’ll find it easy to stay current.

You will receive favorite document notifications via email and within Vault. By default, you won’t receive any notifications about your favorite documents. To receive these notifications, visit your user profile and select which updates to your favorite documents will trigger a notification. You will never receive notifications about your own actions.

Notification Options

From your user profile you can choose which updates trigger notifications on your favorite documents. If you have access to multiple Vaults in the same domain, the settings you choose here apply to all of those Vaults.

New Comment
Event Condition / Action
  • New area, text, or line annotation
  • New link annotation
  • New anchor
  • New reply
  • Annotations Imported
Document Comments
  • New comment
  • New reply
New Status
Document State Change Document enters a New State
New Content
Document Versions
  • New version created
  • New version uploaded
  • New version checked in
  • New draft created
Document Renditions

New rendition:

  • Manual Upload
  • Document re-rendered
Document Attachments
  • New attachment
  • New version of existing attachment
Content Added to Placeholder
  • Content added: upload file
  • Crosslink added

You must be in a document role that grants the View Document permission in order to receive notifications for that document.

For example, Gladys marked a document as a favorite when it was in Approved state and she had access to it. When that document moved to Draft state, her role no longer allowed her to access it, so she does not receive notifications about updates to the document.