The Google Drive integration allows you to upload files to Vault and check out and edit Vault documents using Google Drive. Then, you can check documents in or undo files checked out to Google Drive. When enabled, Vault automatically opens any checked out .docx, .xlsx, or .pptx files in a new browser tab using the appropriate Google Workspace Editor (Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides).

Before you can check out to Google Drive, an Admin must set the Enable Google Drive Integration checkbox under Admin > Settings > Checkout Settings.

Creating Documents from Google Drive

To create new documents from Google Drive, select the Select from Google Drive option when uploading new files. You cannot upload files from your computer and Google Drive at the same time.

Vault converts files uploaded in supported Google Drive formats (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) to the corresponding Microsoft Office format. Vault does not support duplicate file detection when uploading files in Google Drive formats.

You can also upload Google Drive files to placeholders.

Editing in Google Drive

To check out a document to Google Drive, on the Doc Info page, click the Actions menu and select Check Out to Google Drive. When you check out a document to Google Drive for the first time, you’ll need to authenticate your Google account.

After authorization is complete, Vault checks the document out to a Google Drive folder with a name in the pattern of Veeva Vault - {vaultName} ({vaultId}). If the folder does not exist, Vault creates a new one. Vault also names the file according to the pattern V-{filename} [global_version_id].{ext}.

Vault opens the file in the appropriate editor based on the file type:

  • .docx opens in Google Docs
  • .xlsx opens in Google Sheets
  • .pptx opens in Google Slides

Other file types open the file preview. You can share, download, or move these files to a different location in your Google Drive.

You can share checked out documents with other users in Google Drive. The users available for collaboration are controlled by your Google Drive domain, and do not reflect any sharing settings configured on the document in Vault.

If your organization requires strict control over document access, we recommend using collaborative authoring, which allows users to edit documents in Microsoft Office 365 desktop applications and in browsers. See Using Collaborative Authoring with Microsoft Office for more information.

Checking In from Google Drive

To check in a file from Google Drive, on the Doc Info page, click the Actions menu and select Check In. While Vault automatically selects the file from Google Drive, you can click the icons to select another file from Google Drive or your computer. Vault does not automatically select the file if you rename it, as Vault searches Google Drive for the filename generated upon checkout.

You can also undo checkout to Google Drive by clicking the Actions menu and selecting Undo Checkout.

Versioning with Google Drive

To upload a new version from Google Drive, on the Doc Info page, click the Actions menu and select Upload New Version, then click Select from Google Drive and choose a file to upload.

You can also create a new draft version from Google Drive by clicking Create Draft in the Actions menu. Click Select from Google Drive and choose a file to upload.


We recommend against using Google Drive documents as your organization’s standard format. Some Vault features, such as merge fields, bookmarking, rendering, dynamic linking, and Excel report templates are specialized for Microsoft Office file formats. Vault warns you when checking Microsoft Office files out to Google Drive that editing in Google Workspace removes these features. Documents in the Google format cannot be converted into another format without losing some information, such as comments, tracked changes, and special formatting.

Vault users outside your organization must manually install the Veeva Vault for Google Drive application from the Google Workspace Marketplace if using the optional application.

Any users with the standard System Administrator or Vault Owner security profile can enable the Google Drive integration.

While there are no user permissions restricting access to the integration, you must have appropriate permissions on each document in order to perform the applicable action. For example, checking out to Google Drive requires the Edit Document permission.

Your abilities using the Google Drive integration are limited by your permissions on each document.