The Notes view in the inline document viewer provides a convenient way to browse annotations. In this view, annotations appear in the main pane. As you click on individual annotations, the area of the document is highlighted in the document thumbnail and a yellow dot appears next to it. You can also filter the notes by author, date, and (if enabled) tags.

How to Open Notes View

To open Notes view, open Annotate mode, click the View Options icon and select Notes. You may also want to switch to full screen mode by clicking the Full Screen button.

How to Close Notes View

In order to return to the regular view, you can click on the hyperlink in any annotation, the page numbers on the left or the thumbnail on the right. You can also choose Document View under View Options in the toolbar.

Using Tags in Notes View

The Notes view can be especially useful if you use tags to track or categorize annotations. Use the Group by option to keep all annotations with a specific tag together or use the filter to only show annotations with a certain tag. When annotations are tagged, the applied tags appear in the upper right of the annotation.

How to Zoom

You can zoom in on the thumbnail and Vault automatically centers on the annotation related to the selected note. You can also increase the font size for notes by clicking the A- and A+ buttons.

About Default Note Sorting

When you open the Notes view, notes are sorted first by the document page they relate to, second by the type (text, image, line), and finally by the location on the page, top to bottom.