Read & Understood workflows allow you to assign a document to specific users for review. When users complete their review, they can mark the document as “Read & Understood” and provide an eSignature as proof that they’ve completed the task. Unlike other workflows, a new R&U workflow can be started for a document that is currently part of another active R&U workflow.

This article refers to workflow tasks. Vault also includes a User Task object class to track unplanned work. For information on user tasks, see Working with User Tasks.

Starting Read & Understood Workflows

R&U workflows function in the same way as standard workflows. To start one, choose the action from the Actions menu and complete all required fields in the start dialog.

Note that assigning R&U workflows to binders is currently not supported.

Assigning Tasks & Participants

Because Vault allows overlapping R&U workflows for a single document, Vault also checks to see if you’re assigning tasks to users who already have them. A user can only be a task owner in one R&U workflow for a single document at the same time. When you attempt to add a participant who is already a task owner, Vault skips the user. Note that you can assign the task again once the workflow that the user is a participant in is completed or canceled. An Admin can configure a limit on the number of users that can be assigned to a workflow participant control. If this limit is exceeded, you will encounter an error upon attempting to start a workflow.

Generally, Read-only users cannot provide eSignatures in a workflow. R&U workflows are an exception, meaning that you can assign a Read & Understood task to Read-only users, and they can provide their eSignatures indicating their understanding of and compliance with the content. Most document actions are not available within a R&U workflow.

Changing Document States in Active Read & Understood Workflows

Unlike other document workflows, R&U workflows support Change State to actions while the workflow is active.

Limited Actions for Active Workflows

Most of the actions available for standard workflows that are in-progress are available for R&U workflows in the workflow history report Action column, based on the permissions granted by the users’ security profile or Atomic Security settings. The Reassign Task action is not available for R&U workflows.

Completing Read & Understood Tasks

R&U tasks appear in the My Tasks view. To complete them:

  1. Click View Document.
  2. To create localized elements for specific countries, select the country for which you want to create localizations and then select the appropriate elements. Repeat this step for each country for which you want to create localizations.
  3. In the document viewer, click Sign for Read & Understood.
  4. Select an eSignature Reason and provide your user name and password.
  5. Optional: Click add comments and enter any comments you have.
  6. Click Complete to sign the document.

An R&U task cannot be completed by users accessing it via delegated access.

Downloading Read & Understood Document Renditions

You may want to download the document rendition to review it before completing the R&U task. To do this, click the Download button in the document viewer. Only users who have the correct permissions can see this button.

Tracking Read & Understood Tasks

To track which users have completed R&U tasks on a specific document, you can create custom reports or use the one-click Training Report. This report is automatically available from the Actions menu for a document. It lists all users who have completed a R&U task on each major version of the document.

You can also use the Workflow Status Report to see the current status of R&U tasks for a single workflow. From the Active Workflow panel on the Doc Info page or Home > Active Workflows, you can open this report by clicking Run a report for a complete list. To see the report option, the workflow must have more than 10 tasks assigned.

You need the following permissions to work with Read & Understood workflows:




Security Profile

Application: Workflow: Start

Ability to start Read & Understood workflows

Security Profile

Application: Workflow: Read and Understand

Ability to participate in Read & Understood workflows

Security Profile

Application: Workflow Administration: Update Participants

Ability to add participants to active Read & Understood workflows and assign them a workflow task without canceling the workflow

Security Profile

Application: Document: Download Rendition

Ability to download the Read & Understood document rendition

Document Role

View Content

Ability to download the Read & Understood document rendition