Veeva Web2PDF is a free web solution that converts dynamic digital content, such as websites, to PDFs. These rendered PDFs allow faster, more accurate review and approval. You can use Veeva Web2PDF in your browser or in Vault. Admins can also configure a document lifecycle state user action that automatically triggers the Web2PDF process.

To create a PDF of a website document in Vault:

  1. From the Library, open your website document.
  2. From the All Actions menu, select Request Web2PDF. This label may be different depending on the configuration of your Vault.
  3. Optional: If the website linked in the Staging URL field is password-protected, meaning your website does not load until credentials are entered, fill in the Website Protection Username and Website Protection Password fields with your login information.
  4. Optional: If the website linked in the Staging URL field has a members only area that is protected by a login page, fill in the Members Area Username and Members Area Password fields with your login information.
  5. Optional: If you want Web2PDF to generate a PDF of the website viewed on a certain device or with a certain orientation, select these options from the Device and Orientation picklists. To generate a combined device PDF, select multiple options from the Device picklist.
  6. Veeva Web2PDF renders a PDF of the website linked in the Staging URL field.
  7. Vault will send a notification when the PDF has finished rendering.
  8. Click Download PDF in the email notification, or click the Download button if you stayed in the document viewer.
  9. Click Close to return to the Doc Info page.
  10. Optional: Click Upload Viewable Rendition.

You can now view and annotate your website as you would with any other viewable rendition.

For more information about using Veeva Web2PDF outside of Vault, see the Veeva Web2PDF Help or the FAQ.