Sometimes it is necessary to cancel an active workflow and remove all outstanding tasks from participants’ task lists.

How to Cancel Workflows

To cancel an in-progress workflow:

  1. From Vault Home, open the Active Workflows view.
  2. Click on the Actions menu and select Cancel Workflow.
  3. In the dialog, click Continue.

About Workflow Cancel State

For each lifecycle state, Admins define a Workflow Cancel State. When you cancel a workflow, Vault checks which state the document or object record is currently in and its selected cancel state. Vault then moves the document to the appropriate state. By default, the document or object record returns to the state it was in when the workflow started. However, but an Admin can change this setting to either any available lifecycle state or prompt the workflow to remain in the state it was canceled in.

To cancel an active workflow you must be the Workflow Initiator or have a security profile that grants the Workflow Administration: Cancel permission. Generally, users with administrator profiles will have this ability.