Copy Link is a way to share links to Vault documents or to pages, bookmarks, or destinations within Vault documents. Copy Link creates and copies a permalink to your clipboard. You can then paste the copied link to another location, such as an email. Clicking the copied permalink takes you to the latest version of the document for which you have View Document permission, if any. Note that Copy Link must be enabled by an Admin.

Linking to Documents & Pages

To create a link to a document or document page using Copy Link:

  1. Navigate to the document or find it in any document list.
  2. Optional: To link to a specific document page, navigate to that page in the document from Doc Info.
  3. Click the Actions menu.
  4. Select Copy Link.

Linking to Bookmarks & Destinations

To create a link to a document bookmark or destination using Copy Link:

  1. On the Doc Info page, click the Show Bookmarks or Show Destinations button.
  2. Hover over the intended bookmark or destination and click the Copy Link button.

After copying the link, paste it to the intended location, for example, an email or a browser.

When enabled, you can create link annotations that reference permalinks. Link annotations to permalinks always direct users to the latest version of the target document. See Using Link Annotations & Document Links for detailed instructions.

Admins can view a list of Permalink object records. Vault creates these records when you use the Copy Link action and when you create link annotations to permalinks.

Type Permission Label Controls
Document Lifecycle Role View Document Ability to use Copy Link to link a document and view documents by following a copied link. If you do not have View Document permissions, you will see Document Not Found.
Document Lifecycle Role View Content Ability to use Copy Link to link a bookmark, destination, or document page, and to follow a copied link to a bookmark, destination, or document page. If you have View Document permission but not View Content permission, you’ll see the Doc Info page for the linked document.