The Library’s grid view functions like a spreadsheet, allowing you to sort, resize columns, modify which columns appear, and more. When you hover over a document name in grid view, Vault displays a preview and information about the document on a document hovercard. Learn more about the different library views.


You can sort by any column, in ascending or descending order. To sort, click on the column heading. The first click sorts the column in ascending order, the second in descending order. Vault remembers your sort preferences when you leave and return to Grid layout.

Resizing Columns

Resize the width of each by dragging the edges of the column heading. Vault remembers your column width preferences when you leave and return to Grid layout.

Rearranging Columns

Change the order of columns by clicking and dragging the column header to a new location. You cannot move the Name column. An orange line appears to highlight the new location while you’re dragging a column. Vault remembers your column order preferences when you leave and return to Grid layout.

Adding or Removing Columns

To add or remove columns, select Edit Columns from the Actions menu. From the dialog box, you can move fields between the Available Columns box and the Selected Columns box. In the Selected Columns box, rearrange the column order using the up and down arrow buttons. To reset all settings to default, click Restore.

Customizing Column Text Appearance

Sometimes text can be too long to properly fit inside its column. In the Actions menu, the Truncate Cell Text/Wrap Cell Text options let you toggle between truncating (showing only the first part of the value) and wrapping (showing any characters that don’t fit on a second line) text that is too big to fit in its column.

Using Horizontal Scrolling

If you select more columns that can fit in the page width, a scroll bar appears at the bottom of the page to allow horizontal scrolling.

Freezing Columns

To freeze a column, select Freeze Column from the Actions menu. You can change which columns are frozen by dragging the blue line. This is especially useful for horizontal scrolling. To unfreeze the column, select Unfreeze Column from the Actions menu.


You can export all of the fields in your current layout from the Actions menu. Exports can include up to 10,000 records.

  • Export to CSV downloads the fields in CSV (comma separated value) format. This option is not available if localization is enabled for the Vault.
  • Export to Text downloads the fields in TXT format. This option is only available if localization is enabled for the Vault.
  • Export to Excel downloads the fields in XLSX format and maintains column headers and filters. For Excel 2007 or earlier, choose Export as CSV and import into Excel.