When viewing a list of documents, you can click into a single document and then navigate through the rest of the list using the List Traversal feature. Next and Previous arrow icons appear above the document, along with a count of documents and a link to return to the list.

List Traversal is available from various places, including:

  • Library (in both standard and custom views)
  • Custom document tab (in both standard and custom views)
  • Document search results (except cross-Vault searches)
  • Within a binder or binder section

You can usually perform actions from the Doc Info page without affecting document traversal. For example, you can annotate a document or edit its fields without losing the ability to navigate between documents or return to the previous list. However, there are some actions that will cause you to “lose your place”:

  • Checking In
  • Uploading New Version
  • Creating Draft
  • Reclassifying
  • Moving a document to a new lifecycle state
  • Editing Binder
  • Navigating to another document using a reference link
  • Opening Workflow History view
  • Opening Where Used view
  • Opening Duplicate Content Report