Vault supports the latest version of the certified browsers which have been tested with the General Release to ensure that Vault features function properly. For optimal performance, we recommend using Vault with one of the supported browsers from the following list:

Microsoft Edge on Windows

Certified version: Version 118 (Official build, 64-bit)

Known Issues for Microsoft Edge

  • To avoid potential login or password reset related issues, Veeva recommends adding Vault (* and * to your browser’s trusted sites list.
  • When using Microsoft Edge, uploading files 1GB or larger may cause Vault to crash.
  • Users on a Microsoft Edge browser are sometimes unable to click on charts across Vault applications, such as charts on the Affiliate Home on RIM Registrations Vaults or the Training Management home page on Quality Vaults.

Mozilla Firefox on Windows

Certified version: 117

Apple Safari on Macintosh

Certified version: Monterey/Safari 16

Google Chrome

Google Chrome on Windows

Certified version: Version 118

Google Chrome on Macintosh

Certified version: Monterey/Chrome 118

Google Chrome on Android

Certified version for Android: 117

Known Issues for Google Chrome

In some versions of Google Chrome, task completion windows may appear scrambled or dotted with small squares. This is an issue in the browser itself, not Vault. You can work around the issue by dragging the window within your screen, or by using another browser.

Apple Mobile Safari on iOS

Certified version: 17

Cookies & TLS

For all browsers, you must enable cookies and TLS v1.2+ for Vault to function properly.

Touchscreen Device Support

Vault supports frequently used features on Apple iOS and Android with Safari and Chrome respectively. These features include:

View assigned and available tasks.
View details of documents or object records related to assigned and available tasks.
Complete a task on a document or object record by providing a verdict and eSignature.
Search for and view lists of documents in the library.
View document details, including viewable renditions and document fields.
Edit document fields.
Search for and view lists of object records in tabs.
View object details and related object records.
Create object records.
Edit existing object records.

Screen Resolution

We recommend that you use a screen resolution of 1280 x 768 or higher. Using the “zoom” feature in your browser can cause display issues with page layouts and positioning, especially in the Doc Info page’s Annotate mode.

Vault Client Application Device & Operating System Support

See Vault Client Application Release Schedule & Support Model for Vault client application device and operating system version support information. Vault client applications include Vault Station Manager, Vault Mobile, Vault File Manager, QualityOne Station Manager, QualityOne Mobile, and QualityOne Audit Checklist Mobile.