The glossary is a set of terms and matching Glossary Definitions. While viewing a document, you can either select words or short phrases or enter a word or phrase into the glossary to search for approved Glossary Definitions with matching values. Admins can configure a library of Glossary Definitions in Vault and set up an approved external search engine.

Searching the Glossary

While viewing a document, you can click the Glossary () button in the toolbar to open the glossary. The glossary opens to the left of the document, in the same sidebar as the Filters and Bookmarks panels. Click the Glossary button to close the panel.

You can also press CTRL + G on Windows or CMD + G on a Mac to open and close the glossary.

You can search the glossary in several ways:

  • You can manually enter and edit text in the Search Glossary field.
  • In View or Annotate mode, you can hold down the G key and select text.

Vault returns a maximum of five (5) results for each search and presents any available definitions in the language specified on your user profile. If there are no definitions in this language, Vault presents definitions in English.

When configured, Vault also displays applicable search results from the configured external search engine. To view the search results, click the external search link.

To copy a Glossary Definition, click the Copy Definition () button.

To search the glossary and copy Glossary Definitions, you must have the View Content permission on the document.