Vault indexes all document content, document fields, object fields, and object sharing settings to facilitate quick searching and to effectively apply access controls. When values change (picklist options, lifecycle state names, object records, etc.) Vault must update the index to ensure that searches against the new values return the expected documents or objects, and that access rules are correctly enforced.

Reindexing Events

Updates to the following will trigger reindexing within a Vault. Note that reindexing will only occur if there are documents or object data records affected by the change.

  • Document type, subtype or classification name
  • Object records: products, countries, studies, sites, etc.
  • Lifecycle state name
  • Name for existing picklist entry
  • User first or last name
  • Object record sharing rule

Impacts of Reindexing

Reindexing is an asynchronous process, meaning it runs in the background without preventing users or Admins from continuing their work. While reindexing is in progress, searching against new values may not yield results and object record sharing rules are not yet applied. The amount of time required to reindex depends on the number of documents or object records that are affected by the change. Admins should be aware of the impact of making changes to the configurations listed above.