Inline editing allows you to update values in a grid much like you would in an Excel spreadsheet. In Vault, inline editing supports various keyboard shortcuts which allow you to quickly edit multiple records or multiple fields within a record. Inline editing must be enabled by an Admin.

Inline editing is available from object list pages in both Business Admin > Objects and custom object tabs. These pages display a list of object records (in tabular or grid format) for a specific object, for example, Business Admin > Objects > Products displays a list of products.

Fields that are not editable inline will show a lock icon when selected.

Mouse Navigation

When using your mouse, you can:

  • Single-click on a field to select it.
  • Double-click on a field to edit it.
  • Click outside the selected field to save the new value.

Keyboard Navigation

When using your keyboard to navigate in a grid, you can:

  • Use the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys to select different fields.
  • Use the Tab and Shift + Tab keys to select the field to the right or left.
  • Use the Enter key to edit a selected field or to save the new value if the field is already in edit mode.
  • Use the Esc key to close edit mode for the selected field without saving the new value.