Workflows can include various workflow tasks. Based on the role assignments that Workflow Owners decide when starting a workflow, you may need to complete various tasks within the workflow.

Tasks for which you are the Task Owner appear in Home > My Tasks and within the Active Workflow panel on the Doc Info page of the related document. Workflow Owners can also assign a task to multiple users and request that any one of the assigned users accept and complete the task. These tasks appear in Home > Available Tasks and on the Doc Info page.

If you’ve been delegated access to another users’ account, you can easily switch between your own account and the delegated account to complete workflow tasks within each.

How to Accept Available Tasks

To accept an available task, click Accept from the Available Tasks view or the Doc Info page. Accepted tasks appear in Home > My Tasks view.

How to Complete Tasks

To complete an assigned task:

  1. From the Doc Info or My Tasks page, click Complete.
  2. In the task completion dialog, fill in the required information. The options vary by task. For example, some tasks require you to enter your user name and password in order to provide an electronic signature. Other tasks ask you to select a verdict (approve, reject, etc.).
  3. If you want to provide comments, click Add comments. This step is never required, but it can help you provide details for a verdict or let the Workflow Owner know what you think. These comments appear in the Active Workflows view and are visible to all workflow participants. Comments have a maximum character limit of 500.

Note that if you complete two or more of the same tasks within the workflow, for example, if another user reassigns a duplicate task to you, Vault overwrites your comments from the original task with the comments you provide when you complete the duplicate task.

About Due Dates

If a task has a due date, Vault displays the date alongside the task. The My Tasks, Available Tasks and Active Workflow views also display a status icon that indicates if a due date is within the next week or has already passed.

How to Provide eSignatures

On some workflows, completing a task or selecting a specific verdict requires you to electronically sign. You do this by entering your login credentials (username and password) for the Vault. Sometimes, you’ll also need to select a “capacity” for your eSignature, which indicates why or in what context you’re signing.

Note that Vault prevents you from using saved passwords for compliance reasons. Even if you’ve saved your password in your browser or a password manager, you’ll have to type the password to provide an eSignature.