The Library is where all your documents live. If your Admin has configured custom tabs, you may have additional tabs that house documents with a specific document type. The tabs you see will also differ by application family and application.

From both the Library tab and custom documents tabs, you can browse using different views, search, and various filters to find documents. If you use a particular search, view, and set of filters frequently, you can also use them to create a custom view.


The Views menu appears in the left panel. This menu links to the different views explained below, as well as any custom views.

  • All Documents / All Library shows all documents in Vault for which you are a viewer. All other views are subsets of this view.
  • Recent Documents / Recent Library shows the last 20 documents that you viewed or worked on.
  • My Documents / Recent Library shows only documents for which you are the owner or which you have checked out.
  • Favorites shows only documents that you’ve marked as a “favorite” by clicking the star icon next to the document name.
  • Document Inbox shows unclassified documents to which you have access. You can drag and drop files directly into the Document Inbox to create unclassified documents in bulk. The Document Inbox view is only displayed if the feature is enabled and you have the Create permission on one or more document types, or you have access to one or more unclassified documents in the vault.

On custom document type tabs, you’ll see views like “All [Document Type]”, for example, All Site Management. Document Inbox only appears in the Library tab.

Note that Vault remembers the view that you last selected for a tab and opens it automatically when you open the tab.


By default, Vault sets the Sort by picklist to Modified Date (Newest First), meaning the most recently modified document shows up at the top. Choose other options from the Sort by picklist to change the sort order.


Layouts change how the document list looks. You can use the toolbar to switch between modes. See Using Library & Document Tab Layouts.

Search is the most powerful tool for finding documents in a Vault. Start typing inside the search box and our search engine immediately suggests possible matches based on all document fields including name, type and product. Choose a suggested document or click Search to view the full set of search results. Search document content with Advanced Search.


Use the Filters options to refine the list of displayed documents in any view or within search results. Each filter criteria displays the count of matching documents, unless there are more than 5000 documents in the results. From this panel, you can also remove an applied filter.