This article includes information and steps to view and complete user tasks (object records). For information about setting up and assigning user tasks in Vault, see User Task Administration. For information about workflow tasks, see Accepting & Completing Workflow Tasks.

Depending on your application and your Vault’s configuration, user task objects may have a different name.

A user task is an object record with the User Task object class applied. A user task represents an individual unit of work. For example, a Clinical Research Associate at VeePharm may create user tasks to represent the work involved with bringing a site up to compliance after a site visit.

Note that a user task record is a record for any object with the User Task class applied. Your Vault may have multiple user task objects, for example, User Tasks and Follow-Up Tasks.

Viewing User Tasks

You can view user tasks that are assigned to you from Home > My Tasks. If you have access to Business Admin > Objects, or a custom object tab that includes the relevant user task-class object, you can see a list of all user task records you have permission to see.

Completing User Tasks

To complete a user task:

  1. Navigate to the user task record, either through Home > My Tasks, a custom tab, a related object’s Details page, or Business Admin > Objects.
  2. Verify that you completed the task.
  3. Click Complete.

If you have the Edit permission and the ability to see a User Task object record’s Details page, you can complete a task by selecting the Yes option on the Complete field.