A single document may have numerous document link anchors to the same block of text or image. Vault provides a solution to this issue by allowing you to reuse a single anchor. The Merge option on the Doc Info page facilitates the cleanup process for documents with redundant anchors by allowing you to merge some or all existing anchors into one.

To merge anchors:

  1. Open a document with multiple anchors and click Annotate.
  2. Click the Create Anchor icon.
  3. Click Merge.
  4. Click and drag your cursor across the area of the document that contains the anchors you want to merge.
  5. The Merge Inbound Links dialog opens.
  6. From the dialog, select a named anchor to merge other selected anchors with.
  7. Use the checkboxes to select the anchors to merge. As you select anchors, Vault highlights them in the document viewer.
  8. Click Merge.

About Anchors

You can only merge existing anchors into an anchor created after enabling the Enhanced Document Links & Anchors feature. Unlike document links from previous versions, these document links have a named anchor and are available for reuse in as many links as needed.

To merge anchors on a document, you must have a security profile with the Viewer Administration: Merge Anchors permission and have the Annotate and Create Anchors permissions on the document.