Notifications provide a way for Vault to let you know when certain events have occurred. These may be related to documents, binders, workflows, or other activity, and may contain helpful links for easy navigation to the relevant location in Vault. Notifications themselves are informational and do not require you to take any action, even though they may inform you of required action elsewhere in Vault.

You can access your notifications through the notification bell icon in the upper right of any Vault page. When you receive a new notification, the notification bell icon appears as solid with a notification dot. A “new” notification is one that you have not seen since last clicking the notification bell. An “unread” notification is one that you have not interacted with. Clicking the notification bell opens a pop-up panel that lists the 25 most recent notifications that you’ve received. New notifications have a notification dot in this panel. Unread notifications have a blue background in this panel.

In the notifications panel, you can delete a notification by clicking the Delete icon. You can mark a notification as read by clicking on it, clicking a link in the notification, or clicking the Mark as read icon. You can expand longer notifications by clicking Show more. If the notification is longer than the panel can display, you can click View Full Notification to navigate to it on the Notifications page. Clicking View All at the top right of the panel also takes you to the Notifications page.

Using the Notifications Page

The Notifications page displays the full notification text for each notification. You can sort notifications by date received in ascending or descending order. You can filter this list using the following views, on the left side of the page:

  • All Notifications: All notifications, regardless of category. Note that some notifications, such as job completion notifications, do not have a category and only display in this view.
  • Tasks: Notifications related to a workflow task or user task.
  • User Mentions: Notifications when your username is mentioned in an annotation on a document.
  • Shared Views: Notifications when another user shares a filtered view with you.
  • Send As Link: Notifications when a user sends you a link to a document or binder using the Send As Link action.
  • Custom Category: If an Admin has created any custom notification categories, they will also appear as available filters.

Vault displays the 1000 most recent notifications, but stores all notifications until you delete them. If you have more than 1000 notifications and wish to see the hidden, older notifications, you must delete recent notifications.

Deleting Notifications

You can delete a notification by clicking the Delete icon, or delete notifications in bulk by clicking the Actions menu and selecting Delete All [#] Notifications or Delete Current Page ([#] Notifications).

Marking Notifications as Read

You can mark a notification as read by clicking the Mark as read icon, or in bulk by clicking the Actions menu and selecting Mark All as Read or Mark Current Page ([#] Notifications) as Read. Clicking a link in the notification also marks it as read.