The external viewer, accessed using a direct link, allows users outside of your organization to view and download the documents Vault users share with them.

Using the External Viewer

You can send documents to non-Vault users using Send as Link. Once non-Vault users click the link, they can view the documents as they appear in Vault.

While viewing between two (2) and 50 documents, users can click Download to download an individual document or click Download All to download the documents in a ZIP file. Depending on your configuration, non-Vault users can choose to download viewable renditions or source files.

Vault adds any download events to each document’s audit trail.


The following limitations apply to the external viewer:

  • Download All is unavailable when non-Vault users view one (1) document or more than 50 documents at one time. They must individually download single documents or document sets larger than 50.
  • Download All is unavailable on mobile browsers.