All documents and binders to which you have access are visible in Vault Mobile. Regardless of user permissions, you will only have read-only access to documents and corresponding metadata.

You can perform the following actions in the document viewer:

  • Scroll vertically to see additional pages.
  • Pinch to zoom in/out on the document pages.

The buttons in the top-right of the toolbar allow for additional actions on the selected file:

  • The comments icon allows you to view a list of all comments within a document and toggle whether comments are shown on the page.
  • The search icon allows you to search for text in the document.
  • The thumbnail icon allows you to toggle between page view and thumbnail view.
  • The ellipsis menu icon allows you to view additional document information and actions. From this menu you can:
    • Share the document link to another app on your phone. You can also copy the document link to paste it somewhere else.
    • View the document metadata (fields are displayed as a read-only list without sections).
    • View the document’s related documents.
    • View the document’s Version History.
    • View and update the document’s Sharing Settings.
    • Open the document in a browser. If there are actions you need to take on a document that are not available on mobile, you can use Vault in a mobile browser.

Document Comments

Vault Mobile provides a simplified version of the annotation functionality available on Vault Web. While Link and Anchor annotations are not available, you can view, edit, reply to, and create comment annotations on mobile.

To view a list of all comments on a document, tap the Comments icon at the top. This opens the All Annotations dialog. Select a comment to open its detailed view or tap the Show annotations on pages toggle to show an overlay on the document displaying an icon wherever a comment exists. This toggle must be on in order to create new comments.

In the detailed view of a comment, you can view details such as the title, body, color, author, timestamps, replies, and applied tags. You can also add a reply or tap the ellipses menu icon to edit, delete, or resolve/reopen the comment.

Long press anywhere on the document to create a new comment annotation at that location.

Updating a Document’s Sharing Settings

When viewing a document, you can access the Sharing Settings through the ellipses menu button in the top right corner.

You can view the existing roles on the document and add available users or groups to a specific role. If you do not have proper permissions to edit the Sharing Settings, you will see an error message when attempting to apply your changes.

You cannot delete users or roles from the Sharing Settings in the mobile app at this time.