Using the Medical-Safety Vault Connection, organizations with both MedInquiry and a Safety Vault can exchange data. The Medical-Safety Connection transfers Adverse Event data from MedInquiry to Vault Safety, which includes patient, reporter, product, and event information. This transfer creates an Inbox Item in Vault Safety for further Case processing and reporting.

For more information, see Working with Medical Inquiry: Using the Medical-Safety Vault Connection .


To use this feature, your Admin must complete the following procedures:

How the Medical-Safety Vault Connection Works

When you create a new Adverse Event record in your Medical Vault and use the Transfer to Safety action, an Inbox Item is created in Vault Safety.

In addition, the Case Narrative in MedInquiry is used to populate the Narrative Preview field and create the Narrative Document in Vault Safety, which is linked to the Safety Inbox Item. Any Medical Adverse Event attachments are created as individual documents in Vault Safety with the Case > Source > Non Re-Transmittable document type and are linked to the created Inbox Item record.

If field and related document importing is successful, the Vault Safety Inbox Item will be in the New state. If field and related document importing is not successful, the Inbox Item will be in the Import Error state. If the import fails, the Inbox Item remains in the Active state.