When you configure custom sharing rules or matching sharing rules for an object, the page layout for the object records includes a Sharing Settings section. Here, you can view the roles that each user has for specific object records, as well as add or remove manual assignments.

Viewing Sharing Settings

To see what users have roles granted on an object record, open the object record details page and select Sharing Settings from the navigation panel.

Role Permissions

Hover over a role to see the permissions that it grants.

Access Type

The Access column in the detail page shows whether an assignment occurred through a sharing rule in Dynamic Access Control (DAC) or through “manual assignment.” Manual assignment includes all of the ways that users can default into roles that are not dependent on DAC. For example, a default user for the Editor role set up through object type configuration would show as a manual assignment.

If a user was assigned through a DAC sharing rule, you can click on the link to see the label for the specific rule responsible for the assignment.

Filter by User

Some users will have access to an object record through multiple role assignments, including group role assignments. Search for a user from the detail page to see all of that user’s assignments for the record.

Filter by Role

You can filter by available roles in the Sharing Settings section. Select All Roles or from a list of available roles in the drop-down. This list includes active custom roles and associated Application Roles added to the object lifecycle.

How to Manually Assign Users

When you enable Dynamic Access Control (DAC) for an object, users with the Editor or Owner role on an object record can manually share that record by adding another user to a role. Users with the Edit permission on an object record can add or remove manual assignments for any standard or custom role configured in the object lifecycle. Note that users must be assigned to the Owner role to add or remove an owner.

Users can never use manual assignment options to remove groups assigned through sharing rules.

To add a manual assignment:

  1. From the object record’s Sharing Settings, click the + Add button to open the Add Manual Assignment dialog.
  2. Select the desired role from the Role picklist.
  3. Select one or more Users and Groups by using the drop-down or typing the name of a user or group. You can hover over a group to view current members and use the plus (+) icon to see up to a maximum of 60 active group members.
  4. Click Save.

To remove a user or group from a manual assignment, hover over the Name column and select the (x) icon.