Veeva provides notifications about planned system maintenance, service disruptions, etc. through service availability emails. Admins can enable this notification in two ways:

  • If your organization maintains its own distribution list, you can enter the email address for that distribution list from Settings > General Settings > Service Availability Notifications.
  • If you want to select individual users, you can set the Service Availability Notification setting on the User object record. Users can then opt-in through the Service Availability Notification setting on their user profile.

To view updates regarding system availability, visit the Veeva Trust Site.


There are two ways to unsubscribe from service availability notifications, depending on how you receive them:

  • If you receive notifications as part of a distribution list, contact your Vault Admin to remove your email from the Service Availability Notifications distribution list.
  • If you receive notifications to your individual email address, you can disable Service Availability Notifications by navigating to your user profile and clearing the Service Availability checkbox.