With Cart, you can quickly create an ad hoc group of documents from multiple filter sets and Library views. From your cart, you can download source files or viewable renditions, or initiate bulk document actions like Edit Fields and Change State. After performing your actions, there’s a quick option for emptying your cart, leaving it ready for the next time you need it.

Your cart serves a different purpose than Favorites, which are more useful for storing a list of documents that you reference frequently. Like Favorites, your cart is specific to you. No other user can see your cart. Cart must be enabled by an Admin.

Accessing Cart

To access your cart, click the Cart button in the primary navigation bar. The number that appears above the Cart icon indicates the number of documents currently in your cart. If there are 99 or more documents in your cart, Vault displays 99+.

How to Add & Remove Individual Documents

You’ll see the Cart button to add or remove individual documents in the Library, all document tabs, and the Doc Info page.

A green plus (+) symbol on the button indicates that you can add the document to your cart. If the button is greyed out, your cart contains the maximum number of documents allowed.

A red minus () symbol on the button indicates that the document is already in your cart. Clicking removes the document.

How to Bulk Add Documents

You can add multiple documents to your cart using bulk document actions. Choose the Add to Cart option on the Choose Action page.

How to Remove All Documents

Removing all documents from your cart lets you refresh your personal cart and get it ready for your next bulk action. To remove all documents:

  1. From the Actions menu above the list of documents, choose Empty Cart.
  2. Click Remove items in the confirmation dialog.

You can also empty your cart by clicking the Empty Cart button.

Multi-Document Viewer in Cart

When you access a document in your cart, the document opens in the multi-document viewer. This view allows you to scroll through and interact with the 25 documents on your current cart page. To view the next 25 documents, return to your cart by clicking Back to Cart and select the next page of documents. Open any document on that page to enter the multi-document viewer.

If you remove a document from your cart while in the multi-document viewer, the document will remain in the scrolling list until you return to your cart.

How to Download Document Source Files & Viewable Renditions

The Download button in your cart lets you download your documents so you can work with them offline.

Depending on your Vault’s configuration, you may be able to download source files, viewable renditions, or both for your documents. If only one option is available, the Download button displays with no drop-down arrow. In this case, when you hover over the Download button, a hovercard displays whether your cart will download source files or viewable renditions.

Vault does not display a Download button in your cart if you are unable to download from Cart.

  1. Click Download.
  2. Optional: Select Source Files or Viewable/Video Rendition Files.
  3. Vault creates a ZIP file that contains your source file or viewable rendition downloads. This process may take some time, and you can navigate away from your cart to other Vault pages. Once complete, the download begins automatically, regardless of what page you are on in your Vault. Vault also sends you a notification with a link to download the ZIP.

The ZIP file does not download automatically if your browser page reloads or if the ZIP file is not ready in 20 minutes. Vault still sends you a notification with a link to download the file.

Downloading Binders in Cart

If your cart contains binders, the downloaded ZIP file includes source files or viewable renditions for all of the documents contained in the binders and their component binders. For version-bound documents, the ZIP file includes only the bound version of the document. The contents of the extracted ZIP file reflect the binder hierarchy in folders and sub-folders named for each binder, component binder, and section.

If you attempt to download multiple binders in your cart, the combined binder content may exceed your Vault’s export limit. After the download begins, Vault calculates the total number of files. If the export file size or the number of artifacts exceed your Vault’s limits, the download fails and Vault displays an error. You must remove some documents or binders to successfully complete your download.


Your cart can hold up to 1,000 documents by default. On some Vaults, this limit may be lower. When your cart is full, you won’t be able to add more documents before you remove documents or empty the Cart.

The maximum ZIP file size for downloads is 5GB. For some Vaults, these limits may be lower.

The following permissions control your ability to download documents and work with renditions:

Security Profile

Document: Download Document
Controls ability to download document source files in Vault.
Document: Download Rendition
Controls ability to download viewable renditions in Vault.
Application: Search: View Archive
Controls ability to add archived documents to your cart and view them.

Document Role

View Document
Controls ability to add documents to your cart.
View Content
Controls ability to view thumbnails and download documents in your cart.