Vault supports viewing and navigating bookmarks within documents. Vault shows bookmarks manually created in PDF documents, and creates bookmarks automatically from headings and captions in Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) documents.

How to Navigate Bookmarks in the Document Viewer

Bookmarks are accessible via the Open Bookmarks button in the toolbar. The button opens the Bookmarks panel, where you can view the full hierarchy and click the arrow icons to expand/collapse sections. Clicking on the bookmark name navigates you to the bookmarked location in the document.

Some bookmark names may not be clickable. This means the action associated with the bookmark is not supported, such as cross-document bookmarks or JavaScript. Vault only supports cross-document navigation to documents within the same binder and in RIM Submissions Archive Vaults.

If multiple actions are associated with a bookmark, Vault inspects all actions on the bookmark and enables navigation for the first supported action.

You can also search within a document’s bookmarks. Searching is case sensitive and Vault only searches the first 144 characters of the bookmark name.

External Bookmarks

Vault supports PDF bookmarks that link to external web pages. When you click an external bookmark, the URL opens in a new mini browser window.

You can also click the Copy Link button next to the bookmark to copy the URL to your clipboard and paste it into your browser.

How to Edit Bookmarks in the Document Viewer

After opening the Bookmarks panel, you can edit existing bookmarks on the latest version of a document by clicking the Edit Bookmarks button. Click the Edit actions icon on the bookmark you want to edit, and select one of the following available actions:

  • Rename: Edit the bookmark’s visible label. Labels must be 1 to 512 characters in length.
  • Move Up: Move the bookmark above the previous sibling, if present.
  • Move Down: Move the bookmark below the next sibling, if present.
  • Promote: Move the bookmark left to become a sibling of the preceding parent. You cannot promote bookmarks without preceding parents.
  • Demote: Move the bookmark right to become a child of the preceding sibling. You cannot demote bookmarks without preceding siblings.
  • Delete: Delete the selected bookmark and all child bookmarks within its hierarchy.

Click the Save icon to finish editing.

By default, Vault preserves edited bookmarks when re-rendering documents due to merge fields or OCR. When manually re-rendering, you can choose not to preserve edited bookmarks by clearing the Keep edited bookmarks? option in the dialog.

To enable this feature, an Admin must select the Allow users to edit document bookmarks checkbox under Settings > General Settings > Documents.


The following limitations apply to editing bookmarks:

  • You must have the Manage Viewable Rendition permission on a document to edit bookmarks.
  • Edited bookmarks are version-specific and are not carried forward.
  • Vault does not support editing on archived documents, XFA PDF forms, protected PDF documents, or encrypted documents.
  • Vault does not support editing on manually uploaded viewable renditions or documents created using the Make a Copy action.
  • Vault does not allow editing in mini-browser windows or external viewers.

Bookmarks Based on Table of Contents/Lists of Figures

In some Vaults, bookmark generation first looks for a Table of Contents (TOC) or List of Figures (LOF) in your Microsoft Word source file. Vault generates bookmarks to match all TOCs or LOFs that exist in your document. If no TOCs or LOFs exist, Vault generates bookmarks based on headings, captions, and the Title style (when enabled).

Vault generates titles for each TOC and LOF that exists in your document based on the first line of text above the table, which must contain no hyperlinks and must be in a standard or TOC heading style.

Bookmarks Based on Captions

Veeva Support can enable settings to auto-generate bookmarks for captions that exist under parent Heading styles in your Microsoft Word source file.

When creating bookmarks, Vault looks for in-line captions with the Caption style applied or created from References > Insert Caption in Microsoft Word. If captions exist, Vault generates bookmarks under parent headings within the bookmark hierarchy.

If both Auto generate bookmarks for captions and Generate “List of …” bookmark sections per caption type are enabled in your Vault, captions are generated under parent headings using the Auto generate bookmarks for captions setting.

When configured by an Admin, Vault excludes certain caption types while generating bookmarks.

Bookmark Guidelines for Microsoft Word Source Files

Follow the guidelines below when creating your Microsoft Word source file to ensure that Vault generates bookmarks correctly.

For bookmarks based on the Table of Contents:

  • When creating or editing a TOC, enable the Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers option.
  • Don’t manually add hyperlinks to TOC entries.

For bookmarks based on Microsoft Word styles and captions:

  • Vault captures standard Microsoft Word Title and Heading styles as bookmarks automatically.
  • When creating custom heading styles, set the Style type to Paragraph or Linked on the Format page, and set the Outline level from Level 1 to Level 9 on the Paragraph page.
  • When creating custom Title styles, set the Style type to Paragraph or Linked, and the Style based on to Title.
  • Vault disregards outline level when capturing built-in and custom Title styles as bookmarks.
  • Only use SEQ fields in captions.

Bookmark Styling in the Downloaded Viewable Rendition

Veeva Support can enable settings that cause Vault to replicate some of the title and heading formatting from Microsoft Word documents within the Bookmarks panel and the downloadable PDF viewable rendition. There are separate settings for enabling each, so your Vault may use both, only one, or all of the following:

  • UPPERCASE: Headings using All Caps or Small Caps will show as all uppercase bookmarks. This styling affects both the document viewer and the downloaded viewable rendition.
  • Bold & Italic Font Styles: Headings using Bold or Italics styles will show with the same effects. This styling affects only the downloaded viewable rendition.

These options do not apply in documents where bookmarks are based on the table of contents or list of figures from the Microsoft Word source file.


Vault may fail to display bookmarks in source documents larger than 100 MB or that include a large number of bookmarks or pages.