Signature pages display the manifested signatures for a Vault document. When you download a Viewable Rendition, Vault includes the signature page, but you can view the signatures for any kind of document, including binders and videos that don’t have a Viewable Rendition, from the Signatures panel in the Doc Info page. When viewing signatures like this, you don’t need to download any files.

View Signature Pages

You can view signature pages and signature details on documents that belong to a lifecycle associated with a signature page template. To view a signature page, click the Signature Page link in the Signatures section. Depending on your browser’s settings, Vault opens the signature page in a new tab or downloads the independent signature page.

View Signature Page Details

The Signatures section only displays for documents with eSignatures that were configured to manifest on signature pages. This section indicates the number of signatures applied. You can expand to view signature details, to reveal the user details and their capacity, and to see the DateTime that each signature was applied. Expanding shows the five (5) most recent signatures. To see more, you must view or download the signature page.

Type Permission Description
Security Profile Document: Download Rendition Ability to view and download an independent signature page.
Security Profile User: View User Information Ability to see the Signatures display section.