Binders allow you to organize and group documents in a flexible structure. Binders are comprised of sections, which can nest to build a hierarchical structure, and links to documents in Vault. Document links can point to uploaded content, placeholders, or other documents in the same binder. Binders have fields and display in the Library alongside other documents.

With binders, you can:

  • Create binders from a template or start with an empty structure
  • Navigate existing binder structures and the documents linked to them
  • Add sections and documents into an existing binder
  • Navigate between documents in a binder via embedded relative path hypertext links

You can also access many of the same options from the Actions menu as are available for documents, although they have slightly different behavior for binders. Learn more about the binder specifics of these actions below.

Any document actions that affect content, such as Check Out or Upload New Version do not apply to binders.