Deleting a specific version removes the selected version and leaves all other versions of a document intact. If you need to delete all versions, use the Delete action.

How to Delete Versions

To delete one or more versions of a document:

  1. Choose Version History from the Actions menu in the Doc Info page or Library.
  2. Open the Actions menu for the document version you wish to delete and select Delete Version. If the menu option does not appear, you do not have permission to delete the document version.
  3. In the dialog, click Delete to confirm that you want to delete the version.


You cannot delete a specific version if:

  • Your role on the document does not have the Delete permission.
  • The specific version is in an active workflow.
  • The specific version has incoming document links.
  • The specific version is part of a reference.
  • The specific version is in a document relationship.
  • The specific version is the only version of the document in Vault.