Sometimes, you need to find the steady state version of a document, not the latest draft version. You can use the Document Version filter on searches and document tabs to accomplish this.

For example, Robin is a document owner working on a new draft of the Hardware Replacement Process SOP. Thomas is a new employee who asks for a copy of that document, but needs the latest effective (approved) version instead of the draft. By using the Document Version filter, Robin can navigate directly to the correct (steady state) version. If she did not use this filter, she would need to open the document’s latest version and use the Doc Info page to navigate to the older steady state version.

If a document does not have a steady state version or you do not have access to the steady state version, setting this filter will hide the document entirely.

Vault provides many other ways to filter the Library and search results, such as filtering on document fields and document type.

How to Filter by Steady State Version

To show only the latest steady state version of documents, add the Document Version filter and select the Steady State Only checkbox.