Vault Mobile allows you to easily upload new files to any Vaults to which you have access via the share feature. When installed, Vault Mobile is available as an option when you use the share option that is built into your mobile device’s OS and many apps.

How to Share a Document to Vault Mobile to Create an Unclassified Document

To share a document to Vault Mobile from your mobile device:

  1. Open or select the document in your app of choice. Depending on the app, you may be able to select multiple documents to share. While Vault Mobile supports sharing up to 5 (five) documents at once, some apps may not support sharing multiple documents.
    1. On Android, you can also copy text and share it to Vault from your clipboard. Vault creates a .txt file containing the copied text with a filename based on the timestamp.
    2. On iOS, if you select more than five documents, Vault Mobile does not appear in the available sharing options. It still appears on Android, but the limitation remains the same.
  2. Select the Share option. This option may have a different name depending on your OS and app.
  3. Select the Vault Mobile app.
  4. Optional: If you have access to multiple Vaults, select the Vault to which you want to share.
  5. Optional: Select the action you wish to take. By default, the only action available to you is Create Unclassified Documents, but an Admin can create additional actions and make them available to you.
  6. Optional: If you selected multiple files to share, you can remove one or more of them from the upload list by swiping to the right on the file line item.
  7. Select Submit.

Once you begin the upload process, you can place the app in the background and the upload will still continue. You can stop the upload at any time using the Cancel button. Once the document finishes uploading, you can find it in your Library.

When using this feature, the mobile app does not store a copy of the file to the device anywhere. The file is uploaded directly from the originating mobile app and uploaded into Vault.