Document Timeline View allows you to easily review different aspects of a document’s history, including workflows and lifecycle state changes.

Accessing Timeline View

To open this layout for a document, open the Doc Info page and select the Timeline View panel icon.

Actions in Timeline View

From Timeline View, you can:

  • Click on a version number to view the rendition and document fields for that version.
  • Click View Workflow History Report for a workflow row in order to review the workflow and task details using a report.
  • Hover over the document status to see the document’s previous lifecycle state and the date on which the state changed.
  • Use the Actions menus on active workflows and tasks to access related options such as Cancel Workflow, Add Participants, and Reassign.

Workflow Events in Timeline View

In Timeline View, document version links with workflow events reflect the current document version associated with the workflow. If you upload or check in a new version of a document while in an active workflow, Vault displays both the version in which the workflow started and the current version, or the version in which the workflow ended. Both displayed version links are clickable as long as the version still exists.

If a document is versioned while in an active workflow, the Workflow Document Minor Version Number and Workflow Document Major Version Number fields also match the Minor Version Number and Major Version Number fields in the Workflow with Document report type.

Deleted Minor Versions

In some configurations, Vault deletes minor versions of a document when the document enters certain states. Deleted minor versions will still appear in Timeline View, but the link to view the document version will direct to the most recent version instead.

Event Order

Timeline View displays document events in the order they appear in the document’s audit trail. However, some events that occurred prior to the V16 release will show state change and related entry actions in the wrong order.