Vault allows you to create relationships between documents and also group documents together in binders. The Where Used view shows all inbound relationships or binder links for a specific document. The documents listed in this view are the source documents for the relationship.

How to Use the Where Used View

To view inbound relationships for a document:

  1. From the Library, Doc Info page, or from within a binder, select Where Used from the document’s Actions menu.
  2. The Where Used report loads in the Library’s tabular view. As binder relationships are version-specific, you may see multiple versions of the same binder listed.
  3. Optional: Use the various library filtering features from this view. An additional filter allows you to filter by relationship type.
  4. Optional Click Edit Columns to change the columns that are displayed.
  5. Optional: Click Export to download the results into either CSV or Excel™ formats.
  6. Optional: From the results, click a link to view the related item.

Where Used View & Versioning

Vault contains document relationships that are version-specific (references) and relationships that are not (supporting documents, related claims, etc.). For version-specific relationships, the Where Used view shows an individual listing for each version of the source document where the relationship exists. For other relationships, the Where Used view only shows a single listing for the current version of the source document.

Where Used & Relationship Reporting

Sometimes, you can answer the same question from the Where Used view or from a document relationship report. However, there are several key differences: Where Used provides more thorough details, but only shows information for a single document at a time. Document relationship reports can measure relationships across all documents within the Vault.

This chart can provide more detail:

  Where Used Relationship Report

Primary Use

Supports impact analysis: assessing the downstream impact of changing a document by identifying all other documents that refer to it

Allows you to measure content reuse and identify outdated document copies; in some cases, you can use a relationship report for impact analysis, but the scope is narrower than Where Used


Limited to the context of a single document

Shows relationships between any documents in the Vault, subject to your access and filters on the report

Relationship Types

Shows all document relationship types and binders to which the document belongs

Can only show relationship types where the source document is not version-specific; see available relationship types by opening the Type field filter in the report builder

Document Versions

Shows all versions of related documents that point to the context document

Shows the latest version of each document to which the user has access; special columns can show information about the target document version when the relationship was created and the target document’s latest steady state version of a target document to help identify outdated copies

Visible Metadata


  • All attributes of the document with an inbound relationship
  • Related document’s version
  • Relationship type


  • All attributes of the source and target document
  • Relationship type