During a document’s complete lifecycle, it may undergo many changes. Vault allows you to compare two versions of a document to see what has changed between them. Note that you must have View Content and View Document permission on both versions.

How to Compare Document Versions

If a document has more than one version, the Version History panel appears in the Doc Info page. To compare the current version to a past version, open the Actions menu for the past version and choose Compare Version.

You can also access this option from the Version History dialog.

Comparison Mode

When you compare two versions, Vault opens the document in comparison mode. In this mode, inserted text is highlighted in purple and deleted text is marked with a note.

You can close comparison mode using the Back to previous page link.


There are some limitations to document comparison:

  • Vault only detects changes to the text, not images, formatting, page additions/removals, or other structural changes.
  • Vault cannot detect changes in text that is not “searchable,” for example, text in image files.
  • When large portions of a document change, or when a document changes structurally, the number of changes may be so large as to make document comparison unhelpful.
  • When Vault detects more than 5,000 distinct changes between versions, it does not display any changes.
  • Vault does not add a note for text deleted from the end of a document. To see content removed from the end of a document, you must compare a previous version that has the removed text to a newer version that does not have the text. The missing text is considered an addition and is highlighted purple.
  • In rare cases, Vault detects extra spaces that do not exist. This causes unchanged text to be highlighted as changed.
  • Vault may be unable to correctly identify changes between versions when the file formats vary, such as comparing a DOC file to a DOCX file or comparing a CSV file to an XLSX file.