Vault groups expanded search results in sections according to the different objects in the collection. When you first view the search results page, Vault displays up to ten (10) matching documents and object records in each section on the right side of the page. If an Admin has configured related objects to be included in expanded search results for any of the results of your search terms, Vault will display a checkbox in the related section to include those records as well. Click on All Results in the Sections area in the left panel to see all of the matching records, or click a section name to see only results related to that object.

You can inline edit the fields of each document and record in the section grids.

Actions Menus

Each section grid has its own Actions menu. From the Actions menu of each section grid, you can:

  • Perform bulk actions on the search collection
  • Export the data
  • Truncate or wrap cell text

Actions menus also appear when you hover over the Name of an object record or document. From the Actions menu of each individual item, you can:

  • Execute workflow actions
  • Execute state changes
  • Change the object type
  • View the audit trail

Customizing the Expanded Search Results View

Click on the pencil icon in the Sections area in the left panel to select which sections you’d like to see in the search results grids on the right side of the page. From there, you can also define the order of the section grids on the right side of the page.

Each section in the expanded search results view supports all of the same customization options as the Library’s tabular view.

Filtering the Expanded Search Results

You can filter and sort each object independently to build a refined view of the records across the search collection.

Some columns in the grid include a Filter icon. When this icon is available, you can apply a filter to that section. You can filter on Object Reference, Picklist, Date, Number, and Yes/No fields. To apply a filter, click the Filter icon, select or enter a filter value, and click Apply. Columns with filters applied are denoted with a blue icon.

Applied filters appear under the Filters section above the grid. You can click the caret icon next to Filters to hide or view your applied filters. Click the X icon to clear individual filters or Clear All Filters at once.

Using Saved Views

You can save or “bookmark” your current object sections, filters, columns, and grid settings as a custom view and return to this view with a single click. After you’ve filtered the grid and updated columns, click the Save View As button to create a new view. Enter a Name and Description, and select an Icon. Click Save to save the view.

Any user can save up to 100 custom views. Users with the Share Views permission can save 200 views.