From the Add Content area in Vault, you can choose to add multiple documents at once by selecting multiple files while uploading. Note that this functionality allows you to upload up to 100 files at once. If you have more than 100 files to upload, you must upload them in groups of 100. Learn more about source and rendition file limits.

How to Populate Fields

When you’re adding multiple documents at once, you’ll see a grid of documents in Step 2 of adding content. To add field values, select one or more documents using the checkboxes and enter or choose fields in the left panel. Once fields are populated for the selected documents, click Apply.

For example, if the Product field should be the same for all documents, but the country varies, select all documents, choose the product and click Apply. Then, select each document individually, choose the country, and click Apply again.

Note that the Name and Version fields are not editable while multiple documents are selected.

How to Complete Document Upload

When documents have finished uploading and all required fields are filled in, click Save. Vault creates each document in the Vault.

Document Upload Status Indicator

Icons on the page indicate the current status of document upload. An icon appears next to each document thumbnail to indicate that document’s status, and an icon appears above the thumbnails to indicate the overall status. You can hover over the thumbnails to view an explanation of the status, for example “Ready to save.”

The possible statuses are:

  • Upload in progress
  • Required fields missing
  • Ready to save
  • Upload failed