Enhanced Checkout Java Applet was retired in 19R3. Vault File Manager for Windows replaces the Java applet.

Why did this applet retire?

Java Applets pose a security risk. Because browser-specific, client-side Java calls have many security flaws, all modern browsers stopped supporting these calls. The only supported browser that continued to allow them was Internet Explorer 11 (IE11).

What does it mean to “retire” Enhanced Checkout Java Applet?

As of 19R3, your Vault no longer interacts with the Java Applet at all. Your Vault automatically switched over to using standard checkout functionality that does not require a Java Applet.

What happens to the Java Applet on your machine?

Nothing automatically happened to it, but it did cease to function entirely after 19R3. We recommend uninstalling it from your machine.

Will this break documents that I checked out using Enhanced Checkout?

No, you don’t need to worry about documents breaking. Even if you checked out a document using Enhanced Checkout, you can check it back in using standard checkout functionality.

How does the checkout and check-in flow change?

When you check out a document, your browser will prompt you to choose a location to save the file. (You can also modify your browser settings to have a default download location, and to not prompt you.) When you check in, you will open your Vault, locate the document, and choose Check In from the document Actions menu. Vault prompts you to select the file from your machine. The main visual difference is that there is no intermediate pop-up window with a “Java Applet attempting to initialize” message.

How will I know which file to select for check in?

We’ve built a much more secure and robust desktop application called Vault File Manager for Windows. This application offers much of the same functionality as Enhanced Checkout, plus much more. Files that are checked out will automatically open. You can check in using the Check In action on a document in Vault or from the desktop application. From the desktop application, you can see more details about the file and even access Undo Checkout. Learn more about Vault File Manager for Windows.

Are there any extra steps required with Vault File Manager, compared to Enhanced Checkout?

No. It’s a good idea to log into the Vault File Manager desktop application when starting your day, but it’s not required. If you use the Check Out to File Manager action on a document, Vault File Manager will launch automatically, prompt you to log in, and open the document source file after its download is complete.

What if I use a Mac today?

If you use the macOS operating system, it’s likely that Enhanced Checkout Java Applet was already not working for you. We have focused our efforts on supporting Windows operating systems, but we will look to introduce Mac support in the future. Mac users can still use standard checkout functionality.

Do I have to use Vault File Manager?

No, there is no requirement that you use Vault File Manager, but we highly recommend it. One of the major benefits to users is ensuring that you check in the correct file. Another is knowing where your checked out file is so that you can work on it. Vault File Manager makes is easier to see all your checked out documents in one place.

Where can I find more details on Vault File Manager?

For details on Vault File Manager, see: