The VeevaDocs Vault is a repository of operational reports and validation documents that Veeva Systems provides for each release. These documents are posted to a Veeva Platform Vault and customers have login details for the Vault.

About Validation Package Binders

Within the VeevaDocs Vault, you’ll find a Validation Package binder for each release. A Validation Package binder is an organized structure of folders containing all validation documents for a release of Veeva Vault. The links below take you directly to the VeevaDocs Vault, filtered to show only the specific type of document you’ve selected.

Download the complete Validation Package binder to your computer through the Export Binder action described below. Alternatively, find specific documents within the package and download them individually. If you need to share a document or binder with another Vault user, use the Send as Link action to email a direct link.

How to Export Validation Packages

To download all files within a Validation Package binder:

  1. From the Actions menu for the binder, select Export Binder.
  2. Select the Renditions checkbox. In the drop-down, select Viewable Rendition.
  3. From the Define Document Naming Rule drop-down, select Name.
  4. Click Next.
  5. After verifying the information is correct, click Finish. Once completed, Vault will email you with a link to download the ZIP file you exported.

How to Download Individual Documents

If you need documents that are not part of a Validation Package binder, or you don’t need the complete binder, you can also download individual documents. When you do this, you will download a PDF file called a “Viewable Rendition.” Options to download individual documents are available from several places in Vault. To download an individual document:

  1. Locate the document. You can do this using views and filters in the Library, by entering terms in the search bar and Advanced Search dialog, or by browsing through a Validation Package binder.
  2. Click on the document name to open it in the Doc Info page.
  3. Click the Download Options button in the upper-right of the Doc Info page and select Viewable Rendition.
  4. Depending on your Internet browser settings, the document may download or open in a new window. If it opens in a new window, you can save it to your computer from that window.

How to Send Binders or Documents to Other Vault Users

You can send a Validation Package binder or any individual documents to another Vault user as a direct link in a Vault notification email. This functionality is called “Send as Link.” These users must already have Vault login privileges and have access to the document or binder that you are sending.

To send a document or binder as a link:

  1. Locate the document or binder. You can do this using views and filters in the Library or by entering terms in the search bar and Advanced Search dialog. See details about Finding Documents below.
  2. Open the document or binder by clicking its name.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Send as Link.
  4. The Send as Link dialog opens.
  5. In the Add Recipients field, enter each user’s name or use the drop-down picklist to select users.
  6. Enter a message to send with the email.
  7. Choose whether to also send a copy of the notification email to yourself.
  8. Click Send.

How to Find Documents or Binders

The Library is where all documents live. You can browse different views, search, and use various filters to find documents.

To search for a document:

  1. Click into the search field at the top of the page.
  2. Type a search term. For example, you could look for a validation plan associated with CRM and V19 by entering “V19 plan CRM”. You can search on the document’s name, or any of its other metadata fields, including Product, Product Name, and Document Type.
  3. Press Enter. You can also choose from the top results that display automatically in a drop-down list by clicking one of them, or you can create a more detailed search by clicking the binoculars icon to open Advanced Search.
  4. From the search results, click on the document or binder name to open it in the Doc Info page.
  5. Refer to the sections above for instructions on exporting, downloading, or emailing the document.

If you cannot find your document using search, you can apply filters based on Document Type and other metadata from the Library. If a document belongs to a Validation Package binder, you can also open the binder and browse within it.

How to Change Your Password

When you log into the VeevaDocs Vault the first time, Vault prompts you to update your password. You may also want to update your password periodically for security reasons. To change your password:

  1. Click your name in the upper-right of the window and select User Profile.
  2. On the User Profile page, click Change Password.
  3. Enter your current password and your new password.
  4. Click Confirm. Your password updates immediately.