With formatted output templates, you can transfer object record data including its fields, related record fields, and related document fields into a formatted report based on a custom created template. When you generate a formatted output report, Vault analyzes and compiles data from the source record and all related records, and transfers the information into a downloadable template file.

Downloading Formatted Output Files

The Download Formatted Output user action lets you download a formatted output file from an object record. To download a formatted output file, select the Download Formatted Output action from the record’s All Actions menu. Note that your Admin may have given this action a different name, or this action may only be available in certain object lifecycle states.

Vault completes this process asynchronously and sends a notification when the task is complete. The notification message includes a link to the requested file. Depending on your configuration, you can download the formatted output file as an attachment directly from the object record, or as a ZIP file.

Note that you must have the Edit permission on the object record’s lifecycle state to execute the Download Formatted Output user action.