With formatted output templates, you can transfer object record data including its fields, related record fields, and related document fields into a formatted report based on a custom created template. When you generate a formatted output report, Vault analyzes and compiles data from the source record and all related records, and transfers the information into a downloadable template file.

Downloading Formatted Output Files

The Download Formatted Output user action lets you download a formatted output file from an object record. To download a formatted output file, select the Download Formatted Output action from the record’s All Actions menu. Note that your Admin may have given this action a different name, or this action may only be available in certain object lifecycle states.

Vault completes this process asynchronously and sends a notification when the task is complete. The notification message includes a link to the requested file. Depending on your configuration, you can download the formatted output file as an attachment directly from the object record, or as a ZIP file.

You must have the Edit permission for the object in your security profile to execute the Download Formatted Output user action. Depending on how an Admin configures this user action, upon execution, Vault may also include the object record’s attachments in the download package or attach the formatted output to the object record. In this case, you may require additional permissions.