Sharing your inbox documents grants automatic access to the uploaded documents to other users in your vault. This can be useful if, for example, after you have uploaded documents to your Document Inbox, another user is responsible for completing document information and classifying the uploaded documents. You can share your inbox documents with both individual users and groups.

To share your inbox documents with other users or groups:

  1. Navigate to Library > Document Inbox.
  2. Click Share Inbox.
  3. In the Share Document Inbox dialog, click into the drop-down box and either type the names of the intended users or groups, or find them in the drop-down list.
  4. Click Add. The users and groups appear in the Shared with: list.
  5. After adding all intended users or groups, click Apply.

Once added, Vault automatically shares all inbox documents for which you are the Owner. This applies to both existing inbox documents and any new inbox documents you upload.

Filtering Documents by Owner

You can change the Document Inbox view to show all documents in inboxes shared with you, or limit it to only documents for which you are the owner. To do so, select either the All Inbox or My Inbox filter next to the Share Inbox button.

About the Inbox Editor Document Role

Users with whom you have shared your Document Inbox are granted the Inbox Editor document role on the affected documents. This role grants View Document, View Content, Edit Fields, and Reclassify permissions while the document is in the Unclassified lifecycle.

Inbox Sharing Limitations

The following limitations apply to sharing your inbox with other users or groups:

  • You cannot share a Document Inbox which contains 1000 or more documents.
  • You cannot share a Document Inbox with more than 50 users or groups.

The Owner role for the inbox document lifecycle starting state, in some cases the Unclassified state, must have Edit Sharing Settings permission in order for the Share Inbox button to appear.