You may notice when creating, classifying, or reclassifying documents that some document fields have a value without you entering anything. Vault automatically fills fields in several ways:

  • System-Managed Values: These fields are not editable by users and always auto-populated. These can be automatically populated based on Admin configurations (Document Number) or other non-configurable factors like the uploaded source file (Format, Size, Created By, Last Modified By).
  • System-Defaulted Values: Fields like Document Name are auto-filled by Vault without Admin configuration, but are still editable. For example, Document Name is generated from the file name of the source file.
  • Binder-Based Default Values: When you perform certain document actions from within a binder, Vault automatically fills in fields on the document based on values provided for the binder. These field values are editable.
  • Admin-Defined Default Values: Admins can define an auto-filled Default Value within the document field configuration. These fields are editable, but are pre-populated to provide easier data entry.