Some Vault document features can modify a document after you upload it to Vault. For example, they can replace Merge Field tokens in the source document with information from document fields or insert an automatically-updating link. If you need to view or restore the original source document, you can use the Unmodified Source standard rendition type to download the unaltered source file that was originally uploaded. The stored Unmodified Source exists as it was prior to any modifications performed by Vault.

Vault Owners can use the Unmodified Source files for sanity-checking or restoration. The Unmodified Source is made available once per document version the first time that the source file is modified. Any subsequent modifications within the same version do not generate additional Unmodified Source files.

Downloading the Unmodified Source Rendition File

To download a document’s Unmodified Source file from a Doc Info page, click the arrow on the right of the Download button.

By default, Vault documents that use any of the following features have an Unmodified Source rendition file available for download:




Security Profile

Vault Owner: All Document Actions

Ability to view the document assigned to the Unmodified Source rendition type.