Renditions are files, other than the source file, that users can add to documents. A single document can have multiple renditions. Each has a different rendition type, which describes the kind or purpose of the rendition. Vault includes several rendition types and you can create additional types if needed.

Admins can view and edit a list of rendition types from Admin > Configuration > Rendition Types. The Rendition Types page shows the name of the type and whether it is standard or custom.

How to Create Rendition Types

You can add a new rendition type by clicking on the Create button. Only the Rendition Type field is required. Enter the type name and click OK.

Automated Image Renditions (PromoMats, MedComms)

In PromoMats and MedComms Vaults, Admins can define Automated Image Rendition types for specific image file formats.

How to Rename Rendition Types

Renaming a rendition type does not remove any existing renditions of that type, but immediately updates the name in the Renditions area of the Doc Info page. To rename a rendition type:

  1. From the Rendition Types page, click on the type to edit.
  2. Click Edit and enter a new name.
  3. Click Save.

How to Delete Rendition Types

You can only delete rendition types if no rendition of that type exists for a document and the type is not standard. To delete a rendition type:

  1. From the Rendition Types page, click on the type to delete.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Click Continue in the confirmation dialog.

How to Use New Rendition Types

To use a rendition, you must apply it to one or more document types. You can do this from Admin > Configuration > Document Types by editing Base Document or a specific document type, subtype, or classification. Specify the renditions that apply to a specific document type from the Rendition Types field. To stop using a rendition type, remove it from the field.

Viewable Rendition is automatically applied to all document types and is not removable.