Copy Link is a way to share links to Vault documents or to pages, bookmarks, or destinations within Vault documents. Copy Link creates and copies a permalink to the clipboard. Users can then paste the copied link to another location, such as an email. Clicking the copied permalink takes the user to the latest version of the document for which they have View Document permission, if any. Users can also create link annotations with these permalinks as the link target.

You can enable the Copy Link feature from Admin > Settings > General Settings. Set the Enable Copy Link and unlock Permalink Object Type checkbox to enable the feature.

After you enable the Copy Link feature, you can set the Enable linking to permalinks checkbox. This allows users to create link annotations to permalink targets.

Note that if you disable this feature after users create link annotations to permalinks, users can still navigate to existing permalink targets but cannot create new ones.

When users click Copy Link or create a link annotation to a permalink, Vault automatically creates a Permalink object record. If a permalink already exists for that document, page, destination or bookmark, Vault uses the existing record.

Note that if you change the label for the Permalink object in your Vault, users see this label when choosing to create links to permalinks.

You can see all Permalink object records that Vault creates from Business Admin > Objects > Permalinks.