Rendition Profiles allow you to choose rendition settings that differ from the Vault-wide rendition settings. For instance, if you have separate Microsoft Word templates for two locales and the Table of Contents bookmarks should be generated differently for each, selecting locale-specific rendition profiles makes it possible to render both of the documents without changing Vault-wide rendition settings.

Rendition profiles take precedence over the Vault-wide rendition settings. If you make changes to the rendition settings on a document via the Actions menu, those settings supersede both the Vault-wide settings and the selected Rendition Profile.

Admins can configure Rendition Profiles, including automatic selection of a default Rendition Profile, or conditional selection under specified criteria. For example, Vault can be configured to automatically apply a specific Rendition Profile when a document’s Country field has a particular value.

Configuring Rendition Profiles

Admins can create and edit Rendition Profiles.

To enable the Rendition Profiles field for a document type:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Document Fields > [Document Type]
  2. Click Add and select Existing Shared Field.
  3. Select Rendition Profile from the dropdown in the Use Shared Field dialog.
  4. Click OK.

To create a new Rendition Profile:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Rendition Profile.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Change settings for Font Embedding, Bookmark & Link Settings, and Rendition Display.
  4. Click Save.

To change Rendition Profile settings, navigate to Admin > Configuration > Rendition Profile, click the name of the desired profile, and click Edit. Select options to customize the Rendition Profile. The settings available are the same as the Vault-wide rendition settings, with the following exceptions:

  • Allow viewing and annotation of protected PDF files. You must manually re-render the document for the new settings to take effect.
  • Generate compliant rendition for Source PDFs (RIM only): Admins in Submissions and Submissions Publishing Vaults can configure a rendition profile to render PDF source files according to ICH standards.

Automatically Applying Rendition Profiles

You can configure an event action on a document lifecycle to automatically apply a default Rendition Profile to a document or a specified profile upon meeting the configured criteria. For example, you can configure Vault to automatically apply a specific Rendition Profile when a document’s Country field has a particular value.

Configure automatic Rendition Profile application as an event action on a document lifecycle.