The Searchable Object Fields page (Admin > Configuration) controls which object fields Vault includes when searching for documents, as well as which fields are available as Library filters. For example, you could configure the Abbreviation and Generic Name fields on Product to be searchable and filterable, but not the Approval Date field.

Admins can also specify which object fields are searchable and filterable during creation of an object-type document field.

How to Add Fields

To make an object field searchable and filterable on document tabs:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Click Add Field at the bottom of the Searchable Object Fields page.
  3. Select an object and then an object field.
  4. Click Save.

How to Remove Fields

To remove a field, click the X icon that appears in the row when you hold your cursor over it.

Custom Views

If a searchable object field is a filter within a custom view, and then you remove the field from the Searchable Object Fields page, the custom view will no longer include that filter. While the view will still work, users will see the filter crossed out and filter values are no longer applied.


Any time you make a change to searchable object fields (adding or removing a field), Vault reindexes documents.

Searchable Object Field Limits

Vault has a limit of 50 custom searchable object fields. If you attempt to make additional fields searchable, you’ll see a prompt to remove some fields first.