From Admin > Settings > Search Settings, you can manage thesauruses for your Vault.

A thesaurus is a list of entries and synonyms that you can import and export from your Vault. When you search for an entry from your thesaurus, Vault expands your search to find results that include synonyms you have defined for that entry and highlights those synonyms in your search results along with your exact search terms. You can also choose whether each entry is multidirectional. If an entry is multidirectional, Vault also expands search for the synonyms to include any results matching the entries. This vastly improves search functionality and allows you to control the content that Vault returns as part of a search.

Vault implements synonyms across all search scopes, including documents, document full-text, attachment full-text, and object records.

Example Thesaurus & Search Results

Here are some example entries in a thesaurus:

Entry Synonym 1 Synonym 2 Synonym 3 Synonym 4
Cancer Tumor Neoplasm Lymphoma Leukemia
NYC New York City Big Apple    

When you search for cancer, Vault also returns results that include tumor, neoplasm, lymphoma, and leukemia. Likewise, a search for NYC returns results containing New York City and Big Apple. Keep in mind that the thesaurus is not case-sensitive.

In addition to words, entries can be abbreviations and acronyms (ALS, NASA, etc). Entries and synonyms can contain single or multiple words.

How to Set up a Thesaurus

To set up your thesaurus, navigate to the Search Settings page, choose the desired language for your thesaurus and click Export. Vault exports the thesaurus as a UTF-16, tab-delimited CSV file and translates column headings for the selected language.

Next, create or add entries and synonyms, enter TRUE or FALSE for each entry in the Multidirectional column, then Import the thesaurus into your Vault.

When saving changes to your thesaurus, save the file in the same format as when you exported it (UTF-16, tab-delimited). Using “Save As” can change the file to an unsupported format (UTF-8, comma delimited/TXT file).

Valid Thesaurus Entries

Vault imposes the following limitations when uploading a thesaurus:

  • Must be a tab-delimited CSV file
  • 3000 entries per thesaurus
  • 250 characters per row
  • 15 synonyms per row
  • 5 entries per row

Thesaurus Languages

You can upload a thesaurus for each supported Vault language. However, when a user initiates a search, Vault only uses the thesaurus for that user’s language.

For example, if Angelica’s language is set to Spanish, Vault only considers the Spanish thesaurus for her searches.

Your security profile must grant the Admin: All Settings: Edit permission in order to access the search settings page.